About RubyDot

Our name RubyDot was inspired by Lauren & Krystyn's grandmothers.  They have always been an important part of our lives, and have shown us the importance of taking care of your body and skin; while also inspiring us to make our community and the lives around us better.  They are amazing women who have taught us to believe in ourselves & helped make us who we are today.


Combined we have been in this industry for over 31 years, still enjoy what we do and feel it shows with the quality of service we provide.  We customize each service to your needs which can vary from visit to visit.  We hope by visiting us you find the added peace in life that everyone so desires. 


We look forward to providing you a sanctuary of healing!

Krystyn Stone

Krystyn has been practicing massage since 2000.  She earned her certificate from New Images Academy in Boise, ID.  Krystyn was drawn to this profession because she has always enjoyed the idea of making people feel better, whether they be in pain physically or emotionally, she has seen the wonderful results of massage on the human body & spirit and continues to love what she does. 


Throughout her years of practice, she has been licensed in both Missouri and Colorado along with her certification in Idaho.  She has had the wonderful privilege of taking many interesting and rewarding workshops, along with getting her National Certification for Bodywork and Massage in 2006. 


She received her Reiki I and II attunements in July of 2006 from an amazing Reiki Master that she had the privilege of working with and learning from for four years before moving to Missouri.  She has also taken a massage cupping workshop where she learned to use various cups to help release toxins within the body so that the immune system can help get rid of them.  Also in this workshop, she learned a wonderful face treatment to help relieve sinus problems and saw amazing results with her clientele suffering from chronic sinus and allergy issues.  She received her certification for lymph drainage massage; a 110 hour course from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2010.  This technique has amazing benefits on various ailments improving function of the immune system and speeding the healing process. And most recently, May 2019, shw finally became a Reiki Master and teacher.


In her massages, she feels she incorporates everything she has learned over the years; each massage is a spiritual experience for her and each one a little different.  She continues to be amazed when she feels a tight knot/muscle “melt” under her touch.  Krystyn would say, in her massages, she picks pressure and technique on how the body seems to respond, so it varies from person to person, area from area.  She feels it’s important to release the muscles but also attain full body relaxation.  Massage is an important part of total body wellness and there’s no better time to take care of oneself like the present.


Krystyn enrolled at the School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics and obtained her Aesthetic license in January 2015. She now greatly enjoys being able to help people with their skin care needs and accommodate our ever growing skincare clientele. She also has added eyelash extensions to her ever-growing skillset.

Lauren Evans Mutch

Lauren has been in the spa industry since 2003.  She was trained in Nashville, Tn her home town.  Esthetics and massage are a true passion for her.  Caring for her guests and listening to what they need is a gift of hers.  Every service is different depending on what needs to be met.  Her goal is to offer affordable services to allow  more frequent use of these stress relieving treatments.  An example of her accomplishments include being the lead therapist at her previous establishments.  Working in Keystone for 5 years she earned a positive reputation within the community and even won awards for being voted best aesthetician  by the Summit Daily.  After 10 years of working for others she finally decided to put down permanent roots here in the great city of Denver.

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